Booking form

We are accepting new tattoo requests only by e-mail:

We will reply to all e-mails within 14days.

Please check your e-mail regularly!

Minimal starting price is 80€.

Please include this in your e-mail:

1. Name, surname: if a group of people want to book on the same day - each person should send separate email with all info and mention others.

2. Design description: describe or send a photo of the design elements or make a simple sketch.

- we do not copy styles or designs of other tattooers -

3, Size: min. and max.

4. Placing: if you have other tattoos around this area, please include a photo.

5. Special health / skin conditions: dermatitis, scars, allergies, back pain, irregular blood pressure, ...

6. Preferred dates: Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday


You have to include all the info or else we cannot book your appointment.

We will then send you date, time and aprox price.

If you want to change your design let us know asap. We cannot change the whole design or tattoo idea on the day of the tattooing.

We charge extra if you want to have your tattoo bigger than what you wrote in your email.

Usually we do not send design before tattoo appointment - but if we agree to send you the design before the appointment, you have to pay for it first.

On the day of tattooing you can pay with cash only!.


Corrections are possible between 2 to 8 months after your tattoo session. Corrections are always free, if you want to book an appointment - let us know via e-mail and include a photo of your healed tattoo.

Cover-up of tattoo or scars is possible only in certain cases.

If you want to cancel/ reschedule appointment let us know at least 24h before your appointment so we can book a new one. If you do not show up on your appointment we will not book you again.

If you want to bring another person with you let us know via e-mail and we will tell you if it is possible. Sometimes the two of us work together at the same time and there is not enough space in the studio.


We do not offer gift cards and you cannot make a reservation for another person.

We do not tattoo minors, no exceptions!

We do not tattoo certain designs/ motifs:

- minimalistic line designs

- tatts on intimate parts / inner lip,

- offensive / political

- flags, emblems

- names of partners, children etc.

- infinity

- heartbeat / EKG

- dreamcatcher

- fingerprints

- oneliners

- tribal

- anime / manga


There is a limited number of appointments we can schedule, so we prioritize realistic motifs or illustrative floral motifs.